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Women's Hermès Watches

An empire of design recognized by its unmistakable Duc carriage logo, Hermès began first opened its doors in the early 19th century as a purveyor of fine equestrian leather goods. As the decades passed, the Hermès brand grew to encompass additional leather goods, particularly handbags, as well as silk scarfs, perfumes, jewelry, and most recently, housewares.

Drawing upon their equestrian heritage, many of Hermes’ women’s watches have the familiar, sophisticated look echoed in the company's other product lines. The Arceau watch, designed in 1978 by Henri D’Origny, is discreetly elegant with asymmetrical attachments in the form of stirrups. The Dressage, named after a form of classical horse training, has a cushion-shaped case reminiscent of elements from harness making.

Other women's collections include the Cape Cod, the Heure H with its playful H-shaped case, the Kelly, echoing the famous Kelly bag and its padlock, the Medor, which has a dial hidden behind a cabochon, and the Faubourg – small, sophisticated and elegant with a sparkle of diamonds.

Quick Facts

  • Thierry Hermès, who made harnesses and bridles for horses, founded Hermès in 1837
  • Though initially specializing in leather goods, Hermès now includes over 14 design departments ranging from scarves and ties to perfume and jewelry
  • For many Paris tourists, visiting the Hermés flagship store at 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is a must. Hermés first moved into this impressive building in 1880

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