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Wood & Sons China

Wood & Sons was founded in 1865 by Absalom Wood and his son T.F. Wood. Though originally named Wood & Son, the name was changed to Wood & Sons when more of the family joined the business. T.F.

Wood's son Harry F. Wood followed in his father's footsteps as chairman in 1921. It was under his supervision that the pottery became a large and prosperous earthenware manufacturer. Other potteries associated with Wood & Sons include H.J. Wood Ltd, Bursley Ltd, and Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ltd.

Wood & Sons created a vast array of well designed fine-quality earthenware, producing mostly teaware, tableware, hotelware, and fancy earthenware. Two of their most popular lines include Ivorine China, characterized by a semi-porcelain body, and Beryl Ware green tableware. Both of these designs were manufactured in the '30s and '40s. Another design popular during this time was Yvonne, an Art Deco-styled tableware made of Ivorine China.

Quick Facts

  • An unusual Susie Cooper tea for two set dated 1932 sold at Bonhams in April 2005 for $923
  • A Wood & Sons plate set from the 19th century sold at Christie’s London in April 2015 for $1,112
  • Pieces from 1950 and on will sometimes bear the mark Potters for 200 years, a reference to Ralph Wood, the eldest Wood son

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