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W. W. Greener Rifles

W.W. Greener began in 1829 when William Greener departed famed gunmaker Manton to return to Newcastle. He began producing firearms that same year as the W. Greener company.

The current W.W. Greener company is made up of two companies, the original W. Greener company, and his son's company, W.W. Greener. W.W. Greener was responsible for improving barrel design on muskets and later, breechloaders. W.W. Greener made a number of changes and innovations in rifle design, a tradition that continues to this day.

W.W. Greener has produced exquisite firearms for nearly two hundred years. Like most British rifle companies, they specialized in producing quality weapons, the kind used to hunt large and dangerous game worldwide. W.W. Greener produces a variety of powerful hunting rifles as well as lightweight and accurate rimfire weapons. W.W. Greener’s long tradition of quality continues to impress hunters.

Quick Facts

  • A descendant of W. Greener sits on the board of directors for W.W. Greener
  • W.W. Greener was appointed to produce firearms for Prince Albert in the years between 1845 to 1859
  • W.W. Greener has produced a wide variety of firearms as well as a harpoon gun and an animal butchering device

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