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Viktor Michajlovic Vasnecov


Aliases: Viktor Michajlovič Vasnecov, Viktor Michajlovyč Vasnecov, Viktor Mihajlovič Vasnecov, Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov, Victor Michajlowitsch Wassnezoff, Viktor Michailowitsch Wassnezoff

Painter, Illustrator

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Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov (May 15 (N.S.), 1848 – July 23, 1926) was a Russian artist who specialized in mythological and historical subjects. He is considered the co-founder of Russian folklorist and romantic nationalistic painting[1] (see also neo-romanticism), and a key figure in the Russian revivalist movement.

Viktor Vasnetsov was born in the remote village of Lopyal in Vyatka Governorate in 1848, the second of the seven children (his only sister died 4 months after her birth).[2][3] His father Mikhail Vasilievich Vasnetsov (1823–1870), known to be philosophically inclined, was a member of priesthood, and of scholarly dictation in the natural sciences and astronomy. His grandfather was an icon painter. Two of Mikhail Vasnetsov's six sons, Viktor and Apollinary, became remarkable painters, three becoming schoolteachers and one a Russian folklorist.[4] It was in Lopyal that Viktor started to paint, mostly landscapes and scenes of village life. Recalling his childhood in a letter to Vladimir Stasov, Vasnetsov remarked that he "had lived with peasant children and liked them not as a narodnik but as a friend"

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