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Tova Berlinski


Artist Tova Berlinski was born in Poland in 1915, and she emigrated to Palestine in 1938. Tova's family was killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and the atrocities of WW II had a huge impact on Tova's art. In 2006, artist Tova Berlinski donated a painting to the Auschwitz Holocaust Museum.

Considered deeply atmospheric and an poignant expression of human resilience, Tova Berlinski's paintings continue to inspire and touch the lives of many people. The contrast between her painting Abstract triptych (1972) and her later work Rocks (1989) became evident when Tova shifted from the colorful optimism of childhood memories to a minimalistic style and the use of darker colors. Tova Berlinski artwork for sale often features black lifeless flowers, which are a tribute to the family she lost in the Holocaust. View other exceptional paintings for sale online and at auction to enhance your collection.

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