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Sold at Auction: Albert Looking Elk

Alias:Albert Martinez


Albert Looking Elk (c. 1888 – November 30, 1940), also known as Albert Martinez was a Taos Pueblo painter. Looking Elk is one of the three Taos Pueblo Painters.

Albert, the son of José R. Martínez, was commonly known by his Taos name, T'o'nu, meaning "Looking Elk." He was born around 1888 in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

Albert Looking Elk was a model, initially reluctantly, to E. Irving Couse, one of the Taos Society of Artists founding members. He continued to model through his childhood and into adulthood; His wife and children also worked as models for artists. In 1900, he modeled for Oscar E. Berninghaus, one of the founding members of Taos Society of Artists. By 1915, after receiving a Christmas present of paints and brushes and painting lessons from Berninghaus, Looking Elk began his own art career.

Looking Elk was elected Governor of Taos Pueblo in 1938.

Death: Albert Looking Elk died at Taos Pueblo on November 30, 1940, or as some sources list, 1941.
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