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Fie Firearms

F.I.E. is an acronym for Firearms Import & Export, a now-defunct Hialeah, Florida-based firearms importer that procured weapons from various manufacturers around the world. All F.I.E. handgun models were discontinued after the company filed for bankruptcy and dissolved in 1990, and the quality of those sold during its business run varied greatly depending upon producer and supplier.

Some of the popular handguns sold by F.I.E. were the Arminius line of revolvers manufactured by the German firm Weihrauch. Many of their Italian-made and USA-assembled .22s and .380 ACP handguns produced under the Titan label can still be found at auction, as can their GT 27 .25-caliber pistols, which resemble Beretta Tomcats and were produced in several variants, including an ornate gold-plated ladies pocket pistol featuring grips with painted rose motifs.

Although early F.I.E. handguns were fashioned from steel, toward the end of its operations, the importer's offerings tended to be manufactured from Zamac, a softer zinc-based metal alloyed formed from aluminum, magnesium, and copper which made the weapons prone to slide failure. Due to their original low cost and ready availability, second-hand F.I.E. handguns can usually be acquired for very reasonable prices.

Quick Facts

  • Fratelli Tanfoglio, formed in Italy after World War II, was a primary exporter of F.I.E.-branded handguns sold in the United States
  • Although replacement parts for F.I.E. handguns can be scarce, parts or service for some older models are available to collectors through Numrich Gun Parts
  • In February 2011, a .32-caliber F.I.E. Super Titan semi-auto sold in an online auction for only $79

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